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Erik Gobbo

Erik Gobbo works at the Department of Bioinformatics and Genetics at Stockholm University. His project "Phylogenomics of gall wasps and their parasitic relatives" revolves around gall-wasps of the family Cynipidae and will involve the use of Next Generation Sequencing in order to reconstruct the phylogeny of the group and to identify genes potentially involved in the mechanism of gall induction.

Erik is originally from Italy, and he completed his Master’s degree in molecular biology at the University of Padua. His thesis was prepared at the Department of Botany and Biodiversity Research of the University of Vienna, and was about the reconstruction of the phylogeography of butterflies of genus Maniola trough mitochondrial markers.

Although he works mostly on genetics, he is interested in nearly everything that has something to do with science, from quantum physics to, of course, entomology.

Read moire about Erik's project: "Phylogenomics of gall wasps and their parasitic relatives" 

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