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Viktor Senderov

Viktor Senderov is part of Pensoft’s team and will be working under the supervision of Prof. Lyubomir Penev on Technological implications of an Open Biodiversity Knowledge Management System. He was born in Sofia, Bulgaria, and is a dual national of Bulgaria and the United States having lived and studied in both countries.  He completed his secondary education at the Sofia High School of Mathematics (SMG) under Ivan Simeonov, where he participated in Olympiads in mathematics and computer science.

After finishing high school, Viktor Senderov was formally trained as a computational scientist in mathematics (B.Sci. from the University of Magdeburg) and biostatistics (M.Sci. from the University of Munich, Germany, with courses taken at the University of California, Davis). For his Master’s Thesis in Biostatistics he employed a Bayesian statistical approach known as ABC to problems in evolution and population genetics. After graduation he was guest scientist at the Max-Planck-Institute for Biochemistry and Neurobiology in Munich, where he developed tools and pipelines for bioinformatics in R, C, and Java. His present academic interests are in data science and how it relates to problems in biology, as well as developing software solutions for such problems.

His hobbies include tennis, free diving and scuba diving, Latin American music, as well as reading literature in English, Bulgarian, Russian, and German.

Find out more about Viktor's project: "Technological implications of an Open Biodiversity Knowledge Management System"

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