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COMING SOON! BIG4 Workshop in Vienna, May 8th – 13th 2017 NHMW, Austria

Morphology of invertebrates: 3D imaging and novel approaches for Biosystematics
The motto of this project is innovation: how to create and manipulate complex 3D data, approach novel statistical models, master techniques like multifocus imaging, as well as SEM and digital illustration, including software to create and assemble images for publications. Monday 8th will be an open day devoted to inspirational talks on the legacy and prospects of morphology in systematics and evolutionary biology, naturally with the stress on BIG FOUR and allied. We will have some BIG4 supervisors as lecturers, as well as guest speakers, e.g. Prof. Dr. Andreas Wanninger, Dr. Sergei Tarasov and Dr. Sarah Faulwetter, who will also be involved in the teaching during the week. From Tuesday on, the workshop will be more or less restricted to BIG4 members and focus on seminars and practice of the various techniques. To make this workshop an exciting and busy event, BIG4 students will have a chance to collaborate on small projects and present their results on Saturday!
For further information and updates please check the workshops’ webpage:
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