Biosystematics, informatics and genomics of the big 4 insect groups: training tomorrow's researchers and entrepreneurs


Niklas Wahlberg

Objectives: The diversity of Lepidoptera is famously tied to the diversity of angiosperm plants20, but the evolutionary history behind this tight association is still not clear although the latter has been under intense scrutiny lately. But it has be... show more
Objectives: A useful system for the storage and analysis of genomic and metagenomic data and a layer on top of Bio4j for facilitating the use of this platform for systematists working with insects. The ESR will be trained in genomics and metagenomics... show more
Objectives: The project aims to develop laboratory protocols for extraction of large amounts of genomic data from museum specimens. Similar protocols are in use by researchers working on ancient DNA from fossils up to 30,000 years old. It is expected... show more